New: accessible buses in the UK, because of EU law.

This month, January 2016, includes a new legal right, that every single-deck buses in use in the UK must have a ramp and a space for a wheelchair user. This legal right helps elderly people and adults with buggies as well. The same change will happen for double-deck buses next year, and coaches will follow.

This new legal right comes from a law passed by the EU in 2001 with a phasing-in timetable. First, all new buses had to be accessible. And now it is becoming all buses, new and old.

This campaign took over six years to change EU law, and some would say it took 20 years if you measure from the International Year of Disabled People in 1981. There is a free case study on the EU campaign for accessible buses, below.

Disclosure: I was involved in this EU campaign.

Further details:

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