Other Papers of Kevin Hyett

This archive contains a small selection from the papers of Kevin Hyett (1958-2004), a good friend of mine and Lorraine. He was a radical activist for the rights of disabled people.

All these documents have a Creative Commons licence for non-commercial use, based on the share-alike and attributed principles. Share-alike means the same Creative Commons conditions must be kept with all copies.

Below are various documents, outside of the other Organisations and Themes in this archive.

1983-04 Manchester Disabled Athletes, Newsletter

1983-05 Sport, Disabled People and the Fight Against Apartheid, May 1983

1983-11-28 Centres for Independent Living – Seminar Report, CEH

1984-03-22 DHSS Press Release – Ten Pound Christmas Bonus due 3 Dec 1984

1984-03-23 DHSS Press Release – New Access Committee for Disabled People

1984-03-24 DHSS Press Release – Minister Praises Self-Help For Families of Handicapped People

1984-03-29 DHSS Press Release – Care in the Community

1984-04 Kings Fund – Housing and Disabled People Register

1986-10-23 Conference Report – Integrated Living – Real Choice (query), Rochdale

1986 Artability – A Diary, Collection of campaign records leading up to the cancelled conference in Manchester

On Our Own Behalf, Martin Pagel, GMCDP (1988)

1992-07 Disability Writes – Pilot Issue

1992-09 Disability Writes – Feasibility Study Final Report

1984 Derbyshire Coalition of Disabled People – Constitution

1983-01-18 Salford CVS – Proposed Handicapped Workers Cooperative

1982-11 BCODP early leaflet

1982-08-28 UPIAS Aims and Policy Statement (original 3 Dec 1974)

1982-06-17 Disabled People Against Apartheid

1981-12-12 Derbyshire Coalition of Disabled People – Inaugural Meeting letter

1981-12-12 Beyond the International Year – Conference

1981-12-04 DPI – Disabled Peoples International – Minutes of World Council Meeting

1981 – In From the Cold – Draft Policy Statement

1980s Mineworkers Supporters with Disabilities – Birmingham

1980s – Beyond the White Heat – Conference flyer

1984-1985 – Manchester City Council – Disabled Peoples Steering Group

1984-11-21 GMCDP letter

1984-10-05 DHSS – Proposed Survey of Disabled People by OPCS

1984-09-08 BCODP Conference Information Sheet

1984-07-20 SDAG – Income and Expenditure

1984-06-27 Manchester Disability Forum – new constitution (attachments scanned separately)

1984-06-27 Manchester Disability Forum – Draft Constitution

1984-01-04 Hampshire CIL Constitution – The Options Trust

1984 OPCS Survey of Health Problems and Disabilities

1984 Nottinghamshire Coalition of Disabled People – Constitution

1984 DPI – Disabled Peoples International – Leaflet

1984 Derbyshire Coalition of Disabled People – Draft Constitution

In From The Cold – a liberation magazine for people with disabilities – 1st issue – June 1981

To Ian With Love – Programme – 7 December 1998

To Ian With Love – Our Tributes – Ian Stanton (1950-1998

1992 – How to Survive a DAN Action leaflet

1992 – The Vancouver Declaration – Disabled Peoples International DPI

BCODP – British Council of Organisations of Disabled People – leaflet

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