ERDF – the European Regional Development Fund

ESIF – the European Structural and Investment Funds

ERDF book (free, details below)

ERDF articles:

Zen and the Art of Procurement within ERDF projects

ERDF document retention and electronic records

ERDF – let’s talk about the files

ERDF and local strategies

ERDF – checking claims and files


ERDF Independent Guide - book covers

Free book on ERDF

The second edition of my book on the European Regional Development Fund is available here: ERDF Independent Guide, 2nd Edition, Tony Baldwinson, 2013 (pro bono) ISBN 9780957260696 (A5 format)   (pdf, free)

The main change in ERDF processes since 2013 has been the introduction of eclaims, but essentially it can be regarded as a revised claims spreadsheet covering the same ground as before.

My 1st edition was published before the government’s ERDF National Handbook in 2012, and the Guide has continued to try to be a useful resource to ERDF practitioners, especially when managing complex projects.

As I see it, if the National Handbook is like the Highway Code for ERDF, then the guidebook aims to suggest some scenic routes and good places to eat on the way!

So, I hope you find it useful, and as ever I welcome feedback, either directly or using the Comments feature on this website.



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