A new algorithm to deter missiles being launched on civilian areas – and save lives

A human rights social enterprise in Bradford has developed a new algorithm which can analyse satellite pictures from war zones and show the world where those missiles have been launched from.

See their site – https://rudiment.info/projects/arcade

Up to now, hostile forces could camouflage their missile launch sites from satellites and so deny any responsibility for civilian casualties. But they cannot disguise the damage the missiles do when they hit their targets. By analysis of the craters left behind, and some clever CSI-type calculations, the new ARCADE program will point the finger at the guilty parties. No longer can a government or insurgents get away with denying responsibility for missile attacks against people inside or outside a country.

I worked in Bradford in 2015 on an EU-funded project at the university re:centre to help small enterprises. I was very pleased that we could support this Rudiment social enterprise in its development. A truly worthwhile enterprise.

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