Friends (RIP)

Each of the pages below is a short biography of someone known to me. They are community activists and campaigners who, I feel, ought to be recorded and honoured for their efforts and achievements.

Each person’s short biography is produced as a series of drafts with other people who knew them well, though of course I am responsible for what appears here. I am especially sensitive to the feelings of family members and partners, who guide each entry.

Ideally some or all of these people would feature in their own right in Wikipedia, however their criteria for entries about people is that they are noteworthy, meaning lots of other references; which doesn’t help acknowledge many community activists.

If I had to summarise these pages it would be:

Tread softly, because you tread upon my dreams, by W B Yeats.

In no particular order:

Richard Kirkman (1949-1987)

Sue Napolitano (1948-1996)

June Maelzer (1942-2004)

Neville Strowger (1939-2015)

Brenda Hilditch (1939-2005)

Angela Madeley (1956-2015)

Alison Blake (1969-1996)

Ken Lumb (1941-2009)

Cathy Avison (1963-1992)

Ian Stanton (1950-1998)

Kevin Hyett (1958-2004)

(more suggestions are welcome)