GMCDP – Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People

This archive contains a small selection from the papers of Kevin Hyett (1958-2004), a good friend of mine and Lorraine. He was a radical activist for the rights of disabled people.

All these documents have a Creative Commons licence for non-commercial use, based on the share-alike and attributed principles. Share-alike means the same Creative Commons conditions must be kept with all copies.

These documents below all relate to the early years of GMCDP – the Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People. Kevin Hyett was one of its founder members.

1984-06-16 Strategies for a Coalition leaflet

1984-08-06 GMCDP Constitution Sub-Committee Minutes

1984-11-20 GMCDP – Report of a meeting on Policies for Education

1984-11-16 GMCDP Steering Group Minutes

1984-10 GMCDP Leaflet

1984-08-18 GMCDP Draft Constitution

1983-05-03 GMCVS – Independent Living Movement meeting on 6 May 1983

1985-02-21 GMCDP Draft Letter to the University of Manchester on – Is There Life After Physical Disability short course

1985-01-18 GMCDP Minutes

1984-12-12 GMCDP Minutes

1984-08-03 GMCDP Minutes

1984-08 GMCDP Draft Leaflet

1984-07-06 GMCDP Minutes

1984-07-02 GMCDP Constitution Sub-Committee Minutes

1984-06-29 GMCDP Steering Committee – letter

1984-06-20 GMCDP Steering Group – Minutes

1984-06-16 GMCDP – Conference at County Hall

1984 GMCDP – Urban Programme funding application form

1998 GMCDP AGM (16 February 1998)

1996-97 GMCDP Annual Report

1996-97 GMCDP Annual Accounts

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