This archive contains a small selection from the papers of Kevin Hyett (1958-2004), a good friend of mine and Lorraine. He was a radical activist for the rights of disabled people.

In 2020 I published a pamphlet with my research notes on the campaigning by disabled members of ADAPT and others in the 1980s for full access to the new Metrolink tram system, a campaign that took four years and eventually prevailed.

The pamphlet is here – 2020-02-12 Metrolink Access Campaign 1984-1988 (FINAL)

All these documents have a Creative Commons licence for non-commercial use, based on the share-alike and attributed principles. Share-alike means the same Creative Commons conditions must be kept with all copies.

These documents below all relate to the early years of ADAPT in Greater Manchester.

1984-09-26 GM ADAPT Minutes (page 4 missing)

1984-09-20 GM ADAPT Press Release from Greater Manchester Council

1984-09-20 GM ADAPT Minutes

1984-09-20 GM ADAPT Agenda for Meeting with Greater Manchester Council

1984-09-18 GM ADAPT Visit to Merseyside

1984-06 GM ADAPT Letter with concerns about new LRT Metrolink and inaccessibility

1984-05-23 GM ADAPT Minutes

1984 GM ADAPT Summary of Responses to Buses White Paper (de-regulation)

1984 GM ADAPT Outline for Information Project for Disabled Passengers in Greater Manchester

1985-04-02 GM ADAPT Letter on Lobby in London on Transport Bill

1985-03-25 GM ADAPT Agenda for meeting with Greater Manchester Council

1985-03 GM ADAPT Spring 1985 Newsletter 1

1985-02-25 GM ADAPT Minutes

1985-01-16 GM ADAPT Minutes and attachments

1984-11-28 GM ADAPT Public Transport Week – Disability Day – GM Museum of Science and Industry

1984-11-28 GM ADAPT Minutes

1984-11-08 GM ADAPT Letter from Strathclyde Regional Council on Buses White Paper

1984-10-31 GM ADAPT Minutes

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