I have had a keen interest in photography since childhood. I am adding copies of my various political photographs to Flickr (link below). Most of these photographs were pre-digital, made using 35mm film, and the negatives are now safely housed in the archive of the People’s History Museum in Manchester. ( )

9 July 1994, Whitehall, London - Disabled People Rights Now demo, for new Anti-Discrimination Law

Description: Disabled people marching in Whitehall, London, on 9 July 1994 for “Rights Now” Anti-Discrimination Legislation, in colour.

There are around 400 images of campaigning by disabled people, from 1920 to 2007. These are organised as a collection of albums, each album for a named event. These images can be shared for non-commercial use. Please feel free to browse.


Justice Not Charity march in April 1920, Midlands, UK (NLBD)

Description: From the records of the National League for the Blind and Disabled, in black and white, a march in 1920 campaigning for the Blind Persons Act 1920, with a banner saying “Justice Not Charity”.

My post-graduate thesis was also around photography, politics, and disabled people. Unacknowledged Traces – Tony Baldwinson (2012) (52,000 words)

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