Monthly Archives: June 2016

Brexit – it is not the end of the world

Europe is still there. The world is still there. People are still there.

The end of membership of a political structure – the EU – may be a big regret, driven by racism and xenophobia – specifically the whipped-up fear of the free movement of people across the EU.

But international structures will still exist.

So now is the time for progressive people to come to the aid of internationalism. There are many progressive international organisations – for disabled people the European Network for Independent Living springs to mind. Hearing Voices is doing fine work around the world for progressive mental health. Eurocities for local authorities. Greenpeace for environmental protection. And many, many others.

Perhaps our local organisations left internationalism a bit too much to others. It was often left to national organisations to join European and world networks when they could spare the time. But there is no reason why local organisations should not make their own strong international links directly, as well as continuing through national bodies.

The world is still there, its people are still there. Progressive people in all localities in the UK must now work harder to keep the channels of solidarity and internationalism open.