CAP Ltd (1971-2005)

Community Action Projects Ltd, Manchester, 1971 to 2005

Company number 01032323

24 November 1971                    incorporated
16 August 2005                          dissolved (voluntary application, 22 March 2005)

Charity number 263747

16 March 1972                           registered
14 April 2005                              removed

Aims: To provide housing, living accommodation and associated amenities anywhere in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for persons in necessitous circumstances, including persons in receipt of or in need of psychiatric or medical treatment and persons who for any reason are unable to maintain themselves without supportive care, and to promote, aid and further rehabilitation of such persons in the community and their welfare generally.


1971               CAP Ltd created by group of Community Action group volunteers at University of Manchester. “The group was concerned about the lack of after-care facilities, particularly accommodation, for ex-psychiatric patients, and set up Manchester’s first group homes. The scheme was a small one, involving two adjoining houses, rented from a commercial landlord and housing eight people. The importance of the scheme was that it was financially self-sufficient: income from rents covered expenses and there were no paid staff. … to give the lie to the idea that large-scale funding is required in order to initiate projects of this kind.” Beyond the Hostel, 1982, p5-6.

1973               Bowker Street – the first group home project established, in Salford with Family Housing Association (Mcr), in empty properties awaiting a Housing Action Area regeneration to start. Project ended 30 months later in 1975. Lessons learnt.

1974                Egerton Street – permanent supported housing project starts, seven studio flats (bedsits) including one for caretaker/s, Fallowfield.

1977                Hartington Street – first Crashpad in the overnight rota project opens, peppercorn rent to tenants, property awaiting regeneration.

1981                Stamford Street – Crash House project opens, first long-term tenancy in an improved property not awaiting refurbishment or demolition.

1982               Beyond the Hostel book published

1982               Cromwell Road project starts.

1983               Crash Houses booklet published

c.1985            Change of project name from Crash Houses to Night Stop

c.1986            Egerton Street project closes.

1986               Change with new intake of volunteers and company directors

1990               The previous committee reforms following a lapse in company functions

2005               CAP Ltd closes

Key documents:


1977-05 Community Action Projects – Housing Schemes for Homeless Young People

1977 Borderlines – a partial view of detached work with homeless young people – Alistair and Gabrielle Cox book


1982 Beyond the Hostel – housing for homeless young people – a youth work approach (book)

Crash Houses booklet – Community Action Projects


1993 -1994 Young Homeless People Action Sheet x4 – Community Action Projects Manchester

Archive Files, four volumes:

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