Family History

This is a book of our family history –

Latest edition (2nd):

Lives and Times, 2nd Edition, 26 April 2014, ISBN 9780993526725

First edition:

Lives and Times (Dec 2014) A5 – BOOKLET

Worth a particular mention is a great-uncle –

Captain Joe Duffy (1885-1962) BOOKLET (ISBN 9780993526770)

And below is a transcribed pamphlet which was written by our great grandfather Percy H Baldwinson in 1906, which was found while doing this family history research.

Unemployment pamphlet – Percy Hammill Baldwinson (Leeds, 1906)

He was the secretary of the Leeds Fabian Society from 1908 to 1911, and he also edited a short-lived radical local newspaper.

He was around 27 years old at this time, married to Alice (also around 27 years old) with their one surviving child Fred (Bud) around one year old. At least three, maybe five, of their children had died shortly after birth.

Percy worked as an engineer in flax and jute textile factories and had been unemployed and destitute at times. His trade union was possibly the Amalgamated Society of Engineers.

A copy of the original pamphlet is held in the Fabian collection at the library of the London School of Economics, kindly copied by one of my sisters, Judy Baldwinson.

Plus, Percy’s uncle Fred –

2016-02-14 Fred Hammill (pamphlet) A5 – BOOKLET (see his page for more)

My younger brother Maff’s t-shirt collection, his art work as a screenprinter …

Maff (Matthew) Baldwinson (1970-2017) T-Shirts Screenprint Collection