Maff Baldwinson (1970-2017)

My younger brother died a day before his 47th birthday, having had a stroke in his late 30s.

Maff in Dortmund  Maff-1

He was a complex man – artistic clothing printer, punk, singer, song writer, actor – disorganised, addictive, and most of all very loving. He had epilepsy from a young age and was further disabled after his stroke.

My intention is to gather records of all these aspects of his life from friends and family in order to produce a book of his life later in 2018 – details will be added here in due course.

Meanwhile, some files you might like to download and see –

His obituary (in English and in German) –

2017-11-30 Obit for Maff Baldwinson (FINAL)

2018-01-02 Obit for Maff (FINAL) (DE)

His writing, including lyrics, poems, t-shirt designs: – 2018-04-15 Maff’s lyrics and writings

T-shirt collection – Maff (Matthew) Baldwinson (1970-2017) T-Shirts Screenprint Collection

Vinyl records collection – Maff’s album covers

Models collection, many being characters from Hellraiser films – 2017 - Maff's figures as sent to Canada

Likely Key:   1,19 – Pinhead,   4,12 – CD Head,   5,6,7,14 – Chatterer,   8 – Female Cenobite,   9 – Darth Maul,   11 – Cenobite Patient,   16 – Chatterer Beast,   17,18 – (? from Hellraiser 2,3)

Unsure: 2, 3, 10, 13, 15.

And from fictional horror to real horror …

2018-04-03 MB benefits timeline (2010-2017)