Kevin Hyett Archive

This archive contains 260 items from the papers of Kevin Hyett (1958-2004), a good friend of mine and Lorraine. He was a radical activist for the rights of disabled people.

This is a catalogue of the 260 documents in the online archive – Kevin Hyett Catalogue (A5 – BOOKLET) Final .

The bulk of these original documents are currently held at the People’s History Museum, Manchester.

All these documents have a Creative Commons licence for non-commercial use, based on the share-alike and attributed principles. Share-alike means the same Creative Commons conditions must be kept with all copies.



1. SDAG – Socialist Disability Action Group

2. UPIAS – Union of the Physically Impaired Against Segregation

3. DET – Disability Equality Training

4. GMCDP – Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People

5. ADAPT (Greater Manchester)

6. Salford Crossroads (Care Attendance Scheme)

7. MDF – Manchester Disability Forum

8. Greater Manchester Housing and Disability Group

9. Greater Manchester Highways and Disability Group

10. MDA – Manchester Disabled Athletes

11. Disability Writes Ltd

12. Other Papers


Kevin Hyett was also a keen photographer. Although these are not his images, there are around 300 images of campaigning by disabled people, from 1920 to 2003 available.

These images are organised as one collection of around 14 albums, each album for a named event. These images can be shared for non-commercial use.


Most of these photographs I took myself, and mostly on 35mm film. I have donated the negatives, electronic images and their copyright to the People’s History Museum in Manchester. For all commercial enquiries and usage fees please contact .

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