Salford Crossroads – Care Assistance Scheme

This archive contains a small selection from the papers of Kevin Hyett (1958-2004), a good friend of mine and Lorraine. He was a radical activist for the rights of disabled people.

All these documents have a Creative Commons licence for non-commercial use, based on the share-alike and attributed principles. Share-alike means the same Creative Commons conditions must be kept with all copies.

These documents below all relate to the Salford Crossroads CAS (Care Assistance Scheme) and the National Crossroads organisation.

1984-06 Salford Crossroads CAS (Care Attendant Scheme) First Annual Report 1983-1984

1984-05-31 Salford Crossroads CAS – Minutes (possibly different year)

1984-05-16 National Crossroads CAS – Study Day on Training

1984 National Crossroads CAS – Membership of the Executive Committee

1984-10-25 Salford Crossroads CAS – Agenda and October Minutes

1984-10-04 National Crossroads AGM – Report on the Training Project 1983-85

1984-10-04 National Crossroads AGM – Notes

1984-10-04 National Crossroads AGM – Agenda

1984-09-20 Salford Crossroads CAS – Minutes

1984-09-06 Salford Crossroads CAS – Agenda and August Minutes

1984-07-19 Salford Crossroads CAS – Minutes

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