On the Oxfam issue, it is the same as Baby P and Sharon Shoesmith

On the Oxfam issue, it is the same as Baby P and Sharon Shoesmith:

1. Issue catches fire in the media.
2. Government ministers run for cover, pass the blame.
3. A resignation is demanded, regardless of natural justice.
4. It has to be a leftie woman to appease the Daily Mail cabal.

It is yet another medieval bloodlust, not a forensic analysis of the crime, where a woman must be paraded and humiliated to cleanse the village.

I suspect the issue to be dealt with here was the exploitation of vulnerable women by a group of powerful and unaccountable men in a context of a colonialist world.

But that doesn’t fit the headline that has already been written before the facts arrive. So just throw some more wood on the bonfire and find a woman to be sacrificed.

Not a man in sight.

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