Brexit could well mean losing control

Oh, the irony. The Leave campaign slogan, empty but nonetheless highly effective, was “we want control of our country back”.
The early reports from the Brexit negotiations are pointing towards a Norway-type associate membership of the EU, which would look like:

  • Keeping access to the single market … 
  • … but with a pause on free movement of people into UK for 5 – 10 years
  • Continue to pay a levy to the EU budget
  • Continue to be bound by EU laws
  • Maybe continue in some EU science and research networks.  


  • No UK elections to the European Parliament
  • No UK nominations of European Commissioners
  • No UK ministers voting in the European Council of Ministers.

The American war of independence started with the battle cry, “no taxation without representation”. 

Someone said that all democracies eventually come to an end because they commit suicide. 

Voting to not have a vote in future, to have less control, seems a good way to start.

1 thought on “Brexit could well mean losing control

  1. Glynn

    Was the ‘someone’ you refer to in the second last line John Adams in 1814? It is an interesting idea, the inevitability of the end of each democracy. If it was Adams, then I am sure that Chomsky et al would agree that our current western democracies are subject to the same human vanities and greed as other more tyrannical or authoritarian forms of government.
    Thanks for writing, Tony.



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