Brexit and inequality at work

OK. At its best LinkedIn should be a forum for talking about working life. Though sometimes all-of-life takes over. Brexit is one of those moments. For the details, the FT on Saturday gives a thorough recap.

Some key points: Sterling at a 30-year low, intraday swing of over 10%. FTSE 100 down 8.7%. RBS shares down 34%. Spain’s Ibex down 12.35%, worst drop since 1992. Residential property values expected to drop 3-5% pa for next two years. London commercial property, as much as -18%.

Perhaps most telling, the resignation of the UK Prime Minister not even the lead news story that day.

There is a rage from people in the Brexit vote, and “Business as Usual” isn’t going to answer this rage. In 2008 we saved the banks but left many people feeling they had been thrown under the bus. We must do better this time.

Doing business does not have to be ever-greedier; ever more unequal; ever more indifferent to people’s plight.

Being an ethical and moral business is now far more than CSR and due diligence, or a nod at a charity during the swanky awards dinner. Crumbs from the table.

Leadership now requires that we do “Business as Unusual” and make a difference.

Posted on LinedIn on 27 June 2016

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