Manchester is the most vibrant urban area in UK

The recent Experian report on 75 urban areas in the UK rated Manchester as being the most vibrant. The data used was eight categories from the 2011 Census for each urban core, 1km in radius.

The eight factors reported as being used to decide each urban area’s vibrancy were:

  1. Extent of unemployment

  2. Student populations

  3. Professionals

  4. The amount of private renting

  5. The amount of social renting

  6. Households with any home ownership

  7. The percentage of households with outright home ownership

  8. The percentage of purpose built flats

Obviously this reflects on data used from within the city centre rather than the wider city or conurbation, but nevertheless is a strong vote of confidence in the city, and not least in its regeneration partnerships and their governance. The changes since the 2001 Census are profound. The data shows that the urban core is no longer being hollowed out, sadly unlike a lot of other cities, particularly in the USA.

One aspect of the revival in urban living that has not had its due weight, in my opinion, is that of older people as welcoming vibrant, city centre living, as well as students and young professionals. Based on some work from 2009 I wrote a post exploring this topic, link below, which I feel is still relevant in today’s world. In an economic nutshell, it is the Grey Pound, but just as important it is about sustainable, healthy cities and the quality of life in later years.

For some reason, I find this an increasingly important topic as the years go by… 🙂

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