Schools building programme hits massive funding gap

The previous UK government’s programme, Building Schools for the Future, was replaced by the current government with their new approach, relying much more on direct private investment by routes outside the Private Finance Initiative, as well as some funds through the revised method of PFI known as PF2.

However, the BBC reports today that the government minister has conceded there is not enough funding for all of the schools selected for new buildings, with a shortfall of over 100 schools where no money is left. Recent similar reports by the BBC were denied.

Currently the only prospect of funding for these schools will possibly be in a few years time, and relies on other departments of government giving up some of their future capital budget to favour the Department of Education instead.

All of which bodes badly for pupils trying to learn in dilapidated schools in the years ahead, and for the UK construction industry which is still deeply in recession.


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