Buses, the EU and disabled people’s legal rights

In case it is of some interest, I have written up a case study of the campaign which changed the law on disabled people’s access to buses throughout the EU. The campaign was from 1995 to 2001, and resulted in a change to the Single Market making it mandatory that every bus made after 2003 must be fully accessible.
This campaign was run on a shoestring and in the early days of email it created, in a modest but effective way, enough international pressure across the EU by co-ordinating the local lobbying of Members of the European Parliament and national Ministers of Transport and of Trade, as well as lobbying the European Commission.
The campaign also built alliances across political parties, non-governmental organisations and progressive companies within the private sector. These days it would be called Corporate Social Responsibility, but back then it was, well, just ‘doing the right thing’. I hope the case study is still of some use for learning today.

Buses for All (Europe): a case study of a campaign for access by law by disabled people, 1995-2001. Tony Baldwinson (2012).
ISBN 978-0-9572606-0-3; 82pp; paperback £7.99; pdf free; and free preview in Google Books.

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