Mental Health: hearing voices and recovery

Recently I’ve been pleased to be back in touch with all old friend from university days, Paul Baker.
Hearing voices can be very distressing, but some of the drug based treatments can shorted life by up to 20 years. Paul has worked tirelessly since the 1980s on other options, developing support groups for people who hear voices, along with their families and friends; all around coping and recovery from distress.
Paul is also involved in a range of radical mental health groups, including the international Hearing Voices Network which, from when he started, now involves 28 countries around the world.
I hope I can be of some assistance to this area of work, and if you are interested in these approaches to mental health even in extreme circumstances then these links may help. Links:
1. International Centre for Recovery Action – 2. Recovery, Hearing Voices and Well-being – 3. Hearing Voices Network –
4. The various support groups also use FaceBook in significant numbers.

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