Regional Growth Fund: a checklist

There have been significant difficulties in the RGF processes for Rounds 1 to 3, including reports of approved-but-later-withdrawn projects because of compliance and due diligence issues post-approval. The causes of these difficulties are partly due to the lead applicant having to be a private sector company.


–          For SMEs only, using supply chain clusters and open-door events so that the project passes due diligence for State Aid compliance;

–          Focus on areas of highest worklessness;

–          Lead application to run the project office at cost, open book;

–          Possible public sector delivery partner/s who could later enhance project with an ERDF bid, because systems are already compliant for State Aids, procurement, publicity, etc;

–          Need to quantify jobs created and safeguarded; and

–          Need to quantify the capital plant investments aligned to the project’s growth.


Round 4 bids, minimum bid is £1m, deadline is 12:00, 20 March 2013. Free booklet on compliance etc available on request, sae or pdf.

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